Additional Corporate Travel Services

Emergency Support

Even with precise preparation, travel plans can sometimes go wrong. It could be a weather delay, a personal crisis, or a serious international incident. Travizon is particularly suited to dealing with travel management emergency support issues via our wholly owned emergency service in Bellevue, WA. Both inside and outside of the U.S., we provide 24-hour support services. 

Travizon’s after hours travel specialists are available Monday-Friday after normal business hours and 24 hours on weekends and holidays. We will serve your travelers from the time a reservation is made, until the trip is complete.

VIP Travel Services

VIP travel presents unique challenges.  For business travelers who rely on a superior level of service on all levels, you need a corporate VIP travel team that takes meticulous care of every detail and anticipates the unanticipated. 

Travizon’s highly trained VIP consultants work with key client contacts and staff, and when possible with travelers themselves, along with key executive administrators or travel coordinators.  This process ensures that from day one, a working relationship with a clear understanding of expectations is created and implemented.