Global Insight Reporting

Travizon’s proprietary reporting tool, Global Insight (GI), gives your organization 24/7 online access to its travel data and reporting. GI allows for the creation of robust data, graphical business intelligence, and the ability to drill into data for further data analysis.  

We upload management information data to your reporting site every 24 hours. Multiple user accounts can be setup to view our reports and clients decide how much information the users can access. 

We work with you to create and customize specific reports companywide and by department, project, and/or cost center.  With a suite of over 1,000 customized MIS reports, Travizon can help you define your unique reporting needs and create a “standard reporting package” to ensure you are meeting your overall reporting objectives.  

The end result? Complete control over your travel expenditures and how they are reported.

Here are some of GI’s key capabilities:

  • Schedule reports for automatic generation
  • Provide interactive dashboards for data analysis, forecasting and trending
  • Complex data mining capabilities for those that really love data in the raw
  • Global reporting capabilities (currency conversion, date formats, language)
  • Global data consolidation from multiple sources including suppliers, credit card companies, travel agencies and T&E providers
  • Automated data notification system that can tell when data is due from the suppliers and if it’s delayed notify the supplier their data is delinquent


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